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Fireye offers a complete range of quality products and solutions for flame safety

Flame Safeguard Products 
Integrated Flame Detection

Fireye provides a variety of flame scanners which accurately detect the presence or absence of flame in a combustion chamber. Our scanners include advanced sensors and algorithms that can discriminate it's target burner from adjacent flames in the same combustion chamber. Our scanners can be used with all fuel types and burner configurations. Our InSight and Phoenix families are integrated designs which include all the appropriate detections and amplification circuity in one compact unit.

Flame Scanners
Complete range of flame scanners which accurately detect the presence or absence of flame in a combustion chamber with good discrimination capability. Models are :
  • 45FS1/45UVFS1
  • 45RM4
  • 45UV5-1000
  • 45UV5-1009 
Flame Safeguard Controls

Fireye provides a variety of flame safeguard and combustion efficiency products to the HVAC market place. Our BurnerLogix, Flame Monitor and MicroM families provide safe and reliable light off of packaged burners used on commercial and industrial boilers as well as direct fired make up air units and commercial hot water heaters. Anywhere you are trying to safely control a flame, you will find a Fireye control.


InTouch Wireless Monitoring System

When the alarm sounds you need to be informed immediately. You need a device that can intelligently tell you the exact location, exact time and exact reason for the shutdown. You need a device that works in today's technology 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and not be a financial burden.

The inTouch Wireless Monitoring System was developed to communicate directly  to you through the nationwide cellular network, AMPS (Advanced Mobile Phone System), eliminating the need for costly telephone lines. And because inTouch is a cellular device, installation time is greatly reduced.

Efficiency Controls & Boiler Operation
Our Nexus family of products are used in boiler applications to not only provide the flame safeguard function, but also control the entire burner operation in a manner which greatly improves efficiency and lowers operational costs.
For details on any of above products or system, please contact us.