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From combustion to environmental monitoring, Forney offers a complete system or individual instruments for your compliance, process and safety needs.

Combustion Products 


Forney provides igniters for all types of main burners in both utility and industrial applications. Ignition fuel can be natural gas, No. 2 oil or both.


Duct Burners

Forney’s Duct Burners provide superior performance in combined-cycle and cogeneration applications. Our supplemental firing history dates back to the 1960’s and has expanded to the variety of products we offer today.


Flame Detectors

Forney’s flame detectors are used world-wide to prove the presence and absence of flames in utility or industrial boilers firing solid, liquid or gaseous fuels.



Burner Management Systems

BMS is the logical and structured operational sequence of boiler fuel firing equipment as guided by and conforming to NFPA requirements.  Forney has been designing, integrating and installing utility grade BMS since their inception in the 1950’s. 

Environmental Systems
Forney's CEMplicity measures up to four (4) gases, simultaneously, within a single climate controlled cabinet. The CEMplicity® system can be installed on the plant floor or platform, thus reducing sample line length and response time.
The Vigilant CEMS is a NEMA 1 or 12 single rack mounted platform and requires a climate controlled environment. It is designed for measurement of all compliance gases simultaneously.
Coal Pre-Ignition Detection System (CPDS)
Forney's Coal Pre-ignition Detection System (CPDS) is designed to monitor CO in coal handling and processing equipment. 
Custom Shelter System
Forney offers a custom designed shelter system to meet your complex monitoring requirements.  Forney has designed shleters with up to eight CEMS systems in one shelter.
For details on any of above products or system, please contact us.